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Free Hosting

You would like to host your web site for free, but where do you do that without web banners being incorporated on your web site? Is that even viable? It turns out that it is conceivable indeed, although there is a very small number of web hosting vendors providing free web hosting services without adverts.

My newfound free web host

I recently came across FreeHostia, a UK-registered web hosting packages provider, which furnishes free-of-cost web site hosting packages. The primary reason why they can offer free website hosting plans without any advertisements is the fact that you can create just one single free website hosting account with them, whereas web hosting providers that force commercials on your sites permit you to create as many charge-free hosting user accounts as you prefer.

Free website hosting limitations

Many free web hosting companies disallow the use of their free-of-charge web hosting plans just for file or image hosting purposes and the use of bandwidth for inline linking purposes. Lots of free web hosting providers disallow hotlinking or direct linking and the use of many computer file extensions. FreeHostia is no exception and bans inline linking by default.

File size limitations

Other typical restrictions forced on charge-free website hosting accounts by free hosting service providers are related to the size of the files. For example, FreeHostia does not allow clients to upload files over five hundred kilobytes or big audio and video files. Even if you attempt to upload a sizeable file or a forbidden file format, it will not work out. You can upload more sizeable files and escape this limitation if you upgrade to a paid web site hosting account. FreeHostia provides quite inexpensive web site hosting accounts should you require more resources.

File quotas

One additional free web site hosting account limitation is connected with the amount of files you can host inside the account. Paid web site hosting plans usually include file quotas as well, but free-of-cost hosting accounts include much, much smaller file quotas. Let's take as an example the cost-free web hosting solution provided by FreeHostia. You can only host five thousand files in your cost-free website hosting account and have to migrate to a professional paid hosting package if you desire to store more. The free hosting package does not offer an electronic mail service too, so this sort of service is mostly appropriate for testing purposes or if you host a personal, not-for-profit online portal, which needs an extremely small amount of traffic and has very few files. If your little website project starts to grow, though, you do not necessarily have to swap hosting service providers, since there also is the option to upgrade your website hosting plan to a paid one without ever having to change web hosting servers.

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